Hello,I come from Taiwan.
I love many things and I'm not good at English.I can speak Chinese and Japanese.
I will reblog what I like.Sometimes I will make Gifs about Disney fairies.I ship Tink/Vidia and Elsanna.
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These’s Tink/Vidia Gifs from “Treasure Chest”.

Where’s Vidia’s sunglasses came from?It’s too little for human.So I think it was must made by Tink.

Afterall, Tink is a tinker,right?She knows Vidia’s taste and how it’s look Vidia will like it!

This’s their date.

Hello, what are your thoughts on Elsida (Merida/Elsa)
syugo5 syugo5 Said:

They’re cute!When they get along together, I would like to see their interaction!It will be very funny!

Though  Merida/Elinor and Elsa/Anna are still my best.<3
Thank you for your asking! It’s really interesting!!

AARRGH gifs.

Tink&Vidia’s gifs as usual.


If you take away your sister’s clothes when she bathing, it will be…



Anna:I’m so bad as usual.(giggle)

(take away her sis’s clothes.)


Elsa:What’s wrong?


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Tink and Vidia’s Gifs.

I love Vidia’s reaction so I tried to add some subtitles.

I also want to make the Gifs with subtitles from Disney Fairies’ Shorts.Though I can’t completely understand their conversation, I will do my best.


나비는 꽃을 찾아온다

Somebody said they had a secret married.MAKE SENSE.They have a extraordinary tacit understanding.
I  want to see their marriage life strongly!!!!!Disney PLEASE!!!!!




Love is an open door.

Here’s thing.

Through a great quarreled Tink came to Vidia’s home to say sorry.

So reasonable,totally.